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With nearly 30 years in use, NuvoH2O’s technology has been proven in both commercial and residential applications. The technology was first used in commercial environments and was adapted for residential use more than 6 years ago. Since that time, NuvoH2O has been installed in tens of thousands of homes in the U.S., Canada, Europe and even parts of Asia.

Our technology’s effectiveness has also been independently verified by the world’s largest nonprofit research and development organization. At the behest of the EPA, NuvoH2O tasked Battelle Laboratories with confirming and quantifying the benefits of the NuvoH2O system.

In order to put NuvoH2O through its paces, Battelle decided to test our products in the harshest real world environment possible. Using electric tankless water heaters (scale forms very quickly on electric heating elements) and municipal water with high grains of hardness, Battelle ran two experiments on the NuvoH2O systems. The first phase simulated over 2 years of water heater use to test NuvoH2O’s ability to prevent scale from building up. The second phase of testing used previously untreated water heaters with the NuvoH2O system to test NuvoH2O’s ability to remove existing scale.